Isnin, September 22, 2008

Cetak Rompak Inc.

Yuo cna raed tihs rgiht? I’m nto srue fi ti cna eb dnoe ni Maaly. Adna bleoh bcaa ini? Geart!

Wyh ddi I wtire lkie tihs? Beucsae I tlruy beviele taht wrods si jsut a meidum to cmmounciate. Kearna syaa preacya baahwa prekaatan hnyaalah miedum utnuk berkoumniksai.

To me it’s okay to misspelled or even grammatically deconstructed. As long as you understand it and more importantly there are ideas behind your words. Dalam kata lain bertukar-tukar pemahaman.

I don’t talk much and I don’t know how to write either, but I appreciate the aesthetic of broken language and anti-grammar. Some people despise broken language and manglish, I don’t know why.

“There are 360 degree, why stick to one?” – Zaha Hadid

It’s the same thing as piracy. Some people despise piracy, I don’t know why. I personally think that without piracy, film is dead. You won’t find the other 259 degrees of film in a ‘halal’ video store.

Album tak laku? Blame piracy. Your nude picture spread in the Internet? Blame Photoshop.

My ‘favorite’ film store treats their DVD (box, cover, mini poster) far better than the original one and it’s cheaper too. This is just the physical value though, but how can I resist that?

This doesn't include film with mysterious foreign title, cool DVD cover and catchy unknown directors name. In fact it feels like gambling.

Tihs reimnds em bcak wehn I wsa ni prmiary shcool. Druing resces, I uusally og ot teh liabrry. Tihs oen tmie, I funod a nwe seires fo boko coevred ni folurecsent cloor. I brorow all fo tehm wihtuot kwoning waht knid fo book ti si.

Ridhwan Saidi