Khamis, November 04, 2010

Retrospektif Bin Filem III

Skodeng: Kebenaran Yang Nakal (2010)

Duration: 7 minute
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 & 4:3
Camera: Nikon D90 & Canon Legria
Director: Al Hafiz Burhanuddin
Trivia: Best Film, Best Director, Best Editor, Best Script, Best Use of Line untuk KL 48 Hour Project

"I was disappointed that i coudnt join the KL 48hours but after i saw this film and heard they won almost all the category i am glad i dont waste my time and money on this. This is rubbish!!" - Nash

' "Skodeng" wrenches ArielPeterpan and TeohBengHock from the headlines in a canny critique of prurience & hypocrisy. Best Msian film of 2010.' - Amir Muhammad

"Congratulations! You’ve beaten the professional teams. Film is for everybody not just for a film student/director/dop or people in industry, everybody can produced a good film if they take the film as their ‘food’ instead of taking it seriously and as a tool only! Cheers!" - hjrkrl9

"A subtle allusion with religious aperture, an absurdity with 'alternate ending' that could be an 'omnibus film'. Sheer brilliance" - Maszalida Hamzah

"sesungguhnya, bagi yg tak menang patut bersyukur kerana kita ada wakil yg hebat ke FILMPALOOZA. 'Skodeng' sebuah mokumentari avant garde." - Rozinor Razali

"Akhirnya 'idea-oriented' terbukti berjaya" - Fasyali Fadzly kepada Ridhwan Saidi

"congratulations for the best film....and thanks for saving uitm dari zaman kegelapan!! wink2" - Farisya Nadiah

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Ridhwan Saidi