Selasa, Mei 26, 2009

Percubaan Menjadi Mazidul Akmal 360 (bahagian I)

Pierre Loke (Hong Kong) wrote
at 8:29pm
I not agreed to gv them an place for race, is nothing difference due to human psychology, they just wana to make ppl think they r real & available in this world. is nothing difference, believe me!! and if doing operation must make some nail to stop those running fr road block, b4 that must announce to them, if they get accident, goverment will not be responsibility abt it, like HK police doing in roadblock. Even, Im beat them when they run alway fr roadblock is nothing change to them. I have joining to this operation, I knew it cannot stop them!! I just try my best get them stop, with beating him down.

Ezuan Sulaiman wrote
at 6:16pm
hello. new here. anyway, just want to share my 2 cents.

these mat rempits are the ones who should be thrown into ISA.
if someone gets killed because of their actions, rotan/sebat 10 kali and jail should be enforced, especially if it involves a pregnent lady and/or a child.

i think putera umno did a horrible job.(you may continue with your train...)

the safety of ALL the people in Malaysia should be number 1 priority, regardless of race, religion, colour, sect, status.

but of course the above are my personal view, a rakyat.

Mack Hydra wrote
at 4:50pm
Should chop them off into 18 pieces... Maybe more...

Nazrul Mizwar Yaziz wrote
at 1:24pm
anyway,sepatutnya org org melayu yang merupakan bumiputera Malaysia malu ngan bangsa lain...nama jer melayu tp wat benda xberfaedah...ntah2 sok melayu mundur sebab nie...filem pun bukan bg impak pun tp lebih 'mendidik' tuk wat lagi...malula sikit melayu pada bangsa lain..bila lagi nak insaf!!!

Lai Kit wrote
at 7:52am
Mat rempit is actually an outdated Jap culture.. Why cant these ppl do something more original like "Mat Saving the Environment" LOL

Vince Loh wrote
at 3:26am
it's not bout race track or events. when they're in a bunch, they'll do gang rapes, robberies, fights, etc. so next time when you're driving, u run over a mat rempit.. it's a jackpot~

Mickey Yee wrote
at 8:55pm yesterday
they dunnoe how to love their life,,,

Isaac Leong wrote
at 6:43pm yesterday
SOHAI dog rempit go bang wall and die la!

Pradeesh Parameswaran wrote
at 4:43pm yesterday
Well personally la I think that in order to stop mat rempit. The government should give them a race track and orgainse an event. Do it legally , it would encourage youths to take the good path rather then well causing havoc. What do you guys think. Personally , it would be great. I mean , we could have our own motor sport championship and such

Pierre Loke (Hong Kong) wrote
at 4:36pm yesterday
Just join RELA, then u can teach them some lesson, when doin d operation with PDRM. Im sure every one will enjoy to beat them up rite? hehe... this is the way to revenge lol!! Some M.R also kacau us (Superbikers), but I already beat some of them Gau Gau!! Hooray!!!!!!!!!

Aku Rafique Baslie wrote
at 4:09pm yesterday
rempit sucks....

Wong Hon Mun wrote
at 1:35pm yesterday
Dear All Mat Rempits,

I hope what goes around comes around, I believe in Karma, one day, u will fall, and I sincerely hope that will be the end of you and your pathetic race...!!!

Best wishes

Tiffany Tan Bee Yen wrote
at 11:43am yesterday


Nizam Zuhry wrote
at 7:00am yesterday
fuck mat rempit

Dayang Nurdahya wrote
at 9:27pm on May 24th, 2009 they had anything else to do? such as drawing ka, writing ka, berjual ka? ni bazir minyak petrol...dahla ekonomi downturn...apara....

Xiang Hui wrote
at 9:07pm on May 24th, 2009
aiya..they rempit go mosque pray la.....

Adrian Chang wrote
at 8:45pm on May 24th, 2009
what to do UmmNO! call them mat cemerlang they lagi bangga. niama rempits shud have public strip + caning and burn their bicycle with motor

Belle Lim Wai Bee wrote
at 8:18pm on May 24th, 2009
kill them with FIRE!

Dennis Chua Eow Seong wrote
at 5:47pm on May 24th, 2009
The army and police should slaughter all rempits and dump them into our rivers. They are all monsters who do not deserve to live. They are worse than Osama!

And all parents who have rempits in their family should be stripped of citizenship for life!

Yuong Wee wrote
at 1:35pm on May 24th, 2009
Hate those idiotic Rempits. They deserve to be gunned down even if they don't commit robbery or assault.. its illegal gathering to begin with. WHAT is PDRM doing about it? " oh..they just want to relieve stress..." they say.

Aidil Firdauz wrote
at 12:26pm on May 24th, 2009
don't judge a book by it's cover.we need to guide em'.but if they don't listen,so smash n fucked them up!

Danny Chan wrote
at 12:13am on May 24th, 2009
I agree with you Mr.Hadi. Those bodoh Mat Rempit so stupid dun even know how to use computer, we should buy big car but not Mercedes or BMW, we buy big car like Toyota Hilux or Land Rover . If we see them we just langgar them gao gao ...... Mat Rempit go to hell .....!! Don't disturb us ....!!

Hadi Mohd Sukor wrote
at 11:38pm on May 23rd, 2009
i dunt think mat rempit hv ********... coz they are so stupid no time to use the internet(if they know what it is), so bodo they dont go to school.. if they are educate ENOUGH they will not rempit and hurt or kaco others.

Seriusly, go study and buy BIG car.. at least we know you are well educate!!

Mohd Ikhwan Abu Bakar

sumber: pergi buat homework "gao gao" la:)