Rabu, Mei 20, 2020

Video Teater Yang Ditonton Sepanjang PKP


Uncanny Valley (2018) by Rimini Protokoll and Thomas Melle, dir. Stefan Kaegi

Situation With Outstretch Arm (2016) dir. Oliver Zahn

Hamlet (2020) dir. Christopher Ruping

Palermo Palermo (1989) dir. Pina Baush

Rosnah (2016) by The Necessary Stage

Trommeln in der Nacht (2017) (Drums in the Night, based on the text by Bertolt Brecht) dir. Christopher Ruping

Romeo and Juliet (2009) by Shakespeare’s Globe

Super Premium Soft Double Vanilla Rich (2014) dir. Toshiki Okada

Anatomie eines Suizids (2019) (Anatomy of a Suicide, by Alice Birch) dir. Katie Mitchell

As The Flames Rose We Danced To The Sirens, The Sirens (2015) by Sleepwalk Collective 

Supervision (2019) by WILD RICE

King Lear (2020) Stratford Festival, dir. Antoni Cimolino (Colm Feore as Lear)

You’re Not Alone (2015) by Kim Noble

Non Coloring Lanscapes (2018) by La Re-Sentida

—Pichet Klunchun and myself (Brussels, 2011) concept Jérôme Bel

Ridhwan Saidi